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Affittacamere in centro storico, Via dei Termini 13, Siena

Il Palio - July the 2nd - August the 16th

Il Palio - July the 2nd  - August the 16th
The Palio lasts four days: on the morning of the 29th of June (for the one in July) and on the morning of the 13th of August (for the one in August), to each of the 10 partecipant Contradas, a horse is assigned. This is the Tratta.
6 trials are carried out during the following days, three on mornings, at 9 am, and three on evenings, at 7.45 pm (7.30 in August). The last of the trials is on evening and it is called General Trial, whilst the last trial ever – run the same morning as the Palio – is called Provaccia.
The Palio itself consist of three laps around Piazza del Campo, where a layer of tuff has been prior applied. Starting from the Mossa, formed by two hemp ropes containing 9 Contradas disposed by draw in a settled order, when the last Contrada enters, with a run-up, the rope is lowered and the race begins.
The contrada whose horse, with our without its rider, firstly completes all of the three laps, wins.
The winner Contrada receives the Palio, or Drappellone, which will forever be kept in its museum.

"Del Palio m’è rimasto un taglio nell’anima a forma di sorriso"
A smile-shaped cut in the soul is what the Palio has left me”
(Tripoli Torrini known as TRIPOLINO, horse-rider)